Red Stinger is a plant in Plants vs. Zombies 2. Its stance depends on where it is planted, leading to many new strategies. It is obtained in Lost City and is the first plant obtained in this world.


  • When planted on the first three tiles of the lawn from the left, the Red Stinger is at full force, shooting two projectiles at a time. You can plant up to three of these in one lane with this strategy, equaling 6 damage at maximum.
  • When planted on the next three tiles of the lawn, it gains more health than the first option, and is still able to shoot one projectile. You can deal 3 damage maximum with this strategy, if you have three planted in a row.
  • When planted on the last three tiles of the lawn, the Red Stinger does not shoot any projectiles, and remains as a defensive plant, gaining more health than strategies one and two.
  • When fed with Plant Food, Red Stinger has the ability to slow zombies down slightly and unleash a powerful red laser, no matter what stage it is in.



  • It is the mascot of the wiki.
  • Red Stinger is based off the Etlinger Elatior aka the Torch Ginger.
  • A.K.E.E. likes him.
  • Red Stinger and Thyme Warp are related.